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December 2012
Xmas Camp, BBQ and Bonfire - 2012
bbq      bonfire

A great turnout and fantastic weather.  Late afternoon BBQ after drinks and nibbles, followed by a bonfire on the beach.  Several families camped at the wonderful Cable Bay camping ground  and noone was in a hurry to leave Sunday morning..

November 2012
Annual Club Review - 2012
A great turnout and impressive list of ideas for next year.

June 2012
Mid Winter Christmas Dinner - Theme W
At the Jellyfish cafe - a great night for all.

May 2012
Pottery Visit/ Mystery Tour
Thanks to Dave Cooper for a very interesting and informative guided tour of McGlashan Pottery. Some members managed to make a few purchases before we all headed to Cafe L'Robb for a great morning tea. Thank you Dave and also the Robbs for an enjoyable morning.
Once we had tested our backing skills then it was off on a very well organised mystery tour of Nelson finishing up at Stoneridge Cafe in Redwood Valley Well done Dale and thank you for another great event.

April 2012
VW Nationals in Dunedin
Hosted by the Otago VW Enthusiasts Club during Easter weekend (6-9 April). A dub lover's paradise of VW vehicles. Plenty of old splitties, beetles and karmann's as well as the more modern vehicles and everything in between.

March 2012
Picnic in the Orchard
After a short drive we arrived at a huge orchard full of delicious apples, which after a lovely picnic/bbq we all picked a bag or two to take home. Thanks Grant and family for the wonderful club event.

February 2012
Das Alpen Tour
Waitangi Weekend - We had a fantastic Club Vdub turn-out with 8 vehicles out of a total of 19 arriving for what was a fabulous weekend in Hanmer Springs.

A great time was had by all 8 vehicles that turned-out following Ineke's instructions to get the the end. This was followed by a picnic at Tahunanui Beach by the Children's Park.

January 2012
Fish & Chips At The Beach
Despite the windy night we had a great turnout for our first event of 2012, not to mention the yummy Fish & Chips.