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About Us

Club V-Dub is an informal social club, run voluntarily by the members.
We invite all persons interested in Volkswagens to join our club. Unlike many organisations, we do not place restrictions  in VW ownership (daily driver,
 collectable, water-cooled, Air-Cooled or no VWs). We have many events throughout the year where you can meet enthusiasts with similar VW interests. Our goal is to provide the resources to help you enjoy your Volkswagen to the fullest degree.

Our Mission

Club V-Dub mission is to provide a fun and informal place to share your Volkswagen Enthusiasm. Because we all have busy lives, we understand that you may not be able to attend all events and will endeavour to provide events in that allow you to have your other hobbies and a home life too. We welcome all interested to join even if you do not own a VW.

Club Subscriptions

Membership in Club V-Dub is currently $30 annually for an individual/family membership, plus a $5 initial joining fee.   Our annual subscription commences 1 November.  For this, you will receive our newsletters and many other benefits.  Please print and e-mail/post your Membership Application

What We Do

Club V-Dub normally meets every month, see our Upcoming Events section

Various members host local activities such as: Short runs, picnics, BBQ's, Overnighters, etc.

Who Can Join

We invite everyone to join our social club. Your Volkswagen does not have to be a bone-stock original model, nor does it have to be a show-winning Volkswagen.  Old or new.  You do not have to own a Volkswagen to be a member! The majority of our members are simply in the Club V-Dub for fun and to share experiences.

The Newsletter

All members receive a copy of the regular newsletter with their annual membership. The newsletter may contain valuable do-it-yourself fix up hints, member profiles and coverage of area events. If you are interested in selling extra parts, or searching for needed ones; buying a Volkswagen, or parting with one, our classified section is for you. Members advertise free, in the classifieds. We also have an events calendar to help you stay in touch with Volkswagen events nationwide.

Please feel free to contact our editor for inclusion in the newsletter any stories or articles you wish to share.

Vehicle Etiquette

Member's vehicles may be their pride and joy, whether fully restored or barely roadworthy.  Member's normally welcome others to look at their vehicles, but do not touch, lean on, place items onto other vehicles without the owners invitation to do so.   This will help ensure vehicles attend our events.

We look forward to seeing you at a club event, Bring the family and share the Volkswagen experience

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Address: PO Box 1039, Nelson, 7040

              Club Administrator

Keri King